About TCH Digital MediaTCH Digital Media and Marketing is a full-service digital management agency, specializing in content creation, digital asset creation and management and SEO (search engine optimization).

Founded in January 2017 by Trevor and Carlee Hansen, TCH Digital Media continues to bring about the best-of-industry performance and practices to their clients’ online media presence and marketing initiatives.  With expertise in managed SEO services and optimized content creation, our clients have seen exponential increases in both ranking statistics and traffic.

TCH was established on the principals of training and integration; we believe that the most successful web campaigns come from a cohesive environment between our team and yours.  We work hand-in-hand with our clients and offer full transparency into performance statistics and campaign theory.  We offer our clients unprecedented access to reports and analytics about their site and our continued operations, something you won’t find with our competition.

More About TCH

The professionals at TCH Digital have managed digital campaigns in some of the nation’s most regulated industries including medical, insurance (auto and health), dental, banking and education, all of which require a precise attention to detail and processes.  Other areas we have served include automotive, custom one-off products, serviced based companies and consulting other online marketers and brands. Each of our clients receives this same level of expertise and confidentiality when working with small team of professionals.

Regardless of the industry, we work with a wide range of clients from small-business eCommerce to larger-scale private-practice and retail.  We can assist you in accomplishing your digital marketing initiatives including:

Site mapping and creation through training

Print media creation

Website reconstruction and launch

Content creation

Link building (on and off-page)

Digital asset creation and editing (photo and video)

Our focus is to ensure that your needs are met through cohesive actions coupled with basic understanding of your business needs. Not every business is the same and neither are our processes for each business that we work with. Customized plans to meet specific needs are how we help our clients really outshine their competition and set the standards.

We aren’t afraid to jump in with both feet to tackle your project. However, we take our clients serious so if we aren’t the best fit for you and your company, we won’t take you on as a client because it wouldn’t be fair to either party involved. Our goal is to help you success with the right tools coupled with the best team.

Contact TCH Digital Media and Marketing today for a free website analysis or to discuss your digital marketing needs.  TCH Digital Media is also an active brand on Facebook and LinkedIn

TCH Digital: We do the work so that you don’t have to.