Filming and Motion Graphics

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From the eye of the beholder to the eye of the viewer, we storyboard for everything.  With proper preliminary preparations, your company’s next video, can either be filmed or animated with motion graphics. Both can give fantastic end results! In fact, there are plenty of highly successful brand videos in both categories. Filming and motion graphics will be a great way for social media engagement.

When deciding between film and animation or motion graphics, there a couple of key factors to know about. For all intent and purposes, your main concerns will be the budget, individuals involved and time available, the video’s message and organization, and your target audience. With that in mind, here are some of the highest benefits and limitations of both types of video production.

Filming and Motion GraphicsVideo Footage:

Footage can be shot in a studio or outside in the bright sun. Also, sometimes video footage can be captured with a high end camera or even a simple phone with HD resolution.  Either way, you can capture footage the way you want, or we can do that for you.

Motion Graphics:

This takes a more creative element when it comes to projecting a brand as desired. This route can also be great because you don’t typically have to work with video footage.  No need for equipment, just a creative person with creative ideas. Graphic design is an intricate part of your story, don’t let it go in the wrong direction.

Each will result in different styles but can depict the same message. TCH Digital Media and Marketing can bring your story to life. If you need help with script writing for video content, we can do that as well.