What do you get when an SEO Stratigiest walks into a bar, pub, pub and grill, saloon, restaurant, etc.

We provide Search Engine Optimization services for local and national companies. Our results are driven, fueled by passion with understanding of how to get results with content and marketing strategies.  Each component of search engine optimization (also known as SEO) is what makes up a great climb to the top of search engines. We will share some information about the proof of concept for SEO and what it entails.

Various factors play into ranking a website and we know how to dance in the Google Zoo. Below are some tid-bits of information pertaining to SEO and what works. These all proceed the rankings of particular keywords in a specific niches.

We know our services bring results! In addition to our SEO and linking building packages, we highly recommend our hosting and website services for optimal results. After all, you’ll want make sure your foundation and site structure is strong before anything else is started. TCH Digital Media and Marketing will help you navigate your efforts from the starting point of technical SEO all the way up to off-site search engine optimization.

Technical 20%

Technical SEO is just as important as the content on your site.  This is all within your control. The code, hosting, UI/UX in web development, you have to harness the power to deliver what is going to convert into sales.  Drag and drop site builders will never be as robust for SEO as dynamically coding a website.

On-Site 40%

Content, images,styling and links all play a part in your SEO game. Each of these things not only contribute to your site’s structure and ranking but will also help feel needs of the UX experience that people are looking for.

Off-Site 40%

Social media, guest blogging, video content and all sorts of other verticals will need to represent your brand.  All of this is done outside of your website.  Building links and getting mentioned can be easy, if you know how to do it.

Bring it all together and what do you get; Better rankings for higher placement on search engines and before you know it, you have leads. Organic traffic coming in to your site organically will pay off over and over. SEO is not about the quick movements, its about have a methodical plan to keep your business alive.