We do our job so you can do yours!

Digital Media ServicesServices are at the core of any business. Just like a server at a restaurant TCH Digital Media and Marketing takes our customer needs very serious and serve them to meet their needs. Below you will find an easy way to find more information about our services.

If there are items/services that you need that are not found on this list, contact us for more details on what we can do for you and help you achieve your business goals.

A couple of other services that may not be mentioned in the list below is sound design, video editing and project research. We have a very large network of talent so if there is something you need but can’t find it below, reach out to us and let us know, we will find the answer for you, whether you are a customer or not.

One-Stop Digital Services

Copywriting and Content Writing

Having the right words is always a key ingredient when writing content. We can help you accomplish this for maximum results to drive traffic.

Filming and Motion Graphics

Telling a story with video can bring people closer to trsuting your products. Adding motion graphics will enhance your story and help close the deal.

Graphic Design

Print media in all forms must be on point. Coloring, format, typography, all of this must come together and work together. We can make this happen for you and your brand.


Branding and your online voice is just as important as the rest of your campaign. Make sure each area is on point, and if you are unsure if it is, let's chat.

Lead Generation

Having a website you work for isn't always fun because it can waste time. However, if you push the right traffic to your site, your website will work for you.

SEO & Link Building

Consistency is going to be the large driving force when building out your website, SEO and link building will make your brand authoritative.

Social Media​​

No body knows your brand better than you. We always recommend you do this in house but if you need to get started, we can certainly help you lay the foundation.

Team Training

Management must be the example, the force and the enabler for the employees. We can help provide the training needed for your team to succeed.

Web Design & Development

Web design is more than just buying a URL and adding some content. User Interface and User Experience will compliment your SEO efforts to help your business grow online.