Running a Business and How You Can Relate it to Fitness?

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Running a business and staying in shape both come with several moving parts. Businesses require plenty of work from the owner and staff. Fitness isn’t much different, as you will have to work hard to stay in shape.

Whether you’re trying to do just enough to stay in shape or you’re trying to become a professional bodybuilder, fun and sustainable fitness requires dedication. It’s no different for small business owners. They must be dedicated to their business, and in most cases, business owners have to do more than just enough to keep up with business fitness.

running a businessComparing Running a Business With Running to Stay In Shape

There are several similarities found between running a business and running to stay in shape. When it comes to the fitness and business, you have to:

  • Plan properly
  • Remain aware of your environment
  • Conquer tough times
  • Training your mental state
  • Put in the hours
  • And more!

Planning Properly

Both running to stay in shape and running a business require planning. For the runner, you have to plan out each run. How far or long will you run? How many times per week will you run? Which days will you take off to let your body rest?

Business owners have a ton of planning they must complete. As a business owner, you’ll need to plan the hours and days you will be open, your marketing strategies, how you will handle your budget, and much more.

Proper planning matters in business and in fitness. Without the right planning, you may fail to succeed or you may get stuck at a plateau you cannot conquer. Planning provides the foundation for business owners and runners.

Remain Aware of Your Environment

While the environment is certainly different for a runner compared to a business owner, both must be aware of their environment. As a runner, you have to be aware of changes in the weather, the terrain you’re on, and other environmental factors.

Business owners have to be aware of how the environment within their specific industry is changing. Maybe new technology has been released making it easier to deliver products to the consumer. Maybe a new competitor has entered the industry.

If a business owner or a runner wants to succeed, they must pay attention to their environment, as if you are running a business or vice versa.

Conquer Tough Times

Business and fitness come with a certain ebb and flow. You will have ups and downs with both.

For the business owner, you might have a record month, followed by your worst month just a year later. Seasonal businesses will certainly have to conquer the tough times every year. You might make the majority of your sales in the winter, while the summer is a struggle.

Runners will also have to conquer difficult times. Maybe you become injured and it sets you back as you’re training for a marathon. It’s also possible you could hit a plateau making it harder to reach your goals.

Business owners and runners must look for new ways to fight through difficult times. For the business owner, it might be necessary to embrace a new marketing strategy. Runners may have to try a new training technique.

Put in the Hours

Whether you’re trying to succeed in business or fitness, you’ll have to put in the hours. Many small business owners work 14+ hours a day when they first open up. While runners won’t need to run 14+ hours a day, they will need to find the necessary time to train.

If you’re a runner training for a marathon, you’ll need to dedicate at least one hour per day, five days a week to running, according to This doesn’t even include the necessary time for refueling and recovery.

According to, small-business owners work at least 50 hours per week. This is far more than a regular employee, which averages closer to 33 hours per week.

Whether you’re a business owner or a runner, you can expect to put in the hours to become successful.

Why Mental and Physical Health is Important

Business and fitness both require a specific mental health and physical health. As a business owner, you will likely need to find time for exercise and eating healthy. Keeping up with your physical health will help you on the path to success.

Obviously, if you’re trying to stay in shape, you need to work on your physical health. Fitness isn’t just about physical health, however; and neither is business.

Mental health plays a huge role when it comes to conquering your fears, moving your business forward, and achieving new goals in fitness. You have to find a way to maintain good mental health and a proper diet is a good place to start.

It’s not uncommon for business owners to struggle to find time to eat a healthy meal. Many small business owners will find success in their business, but struggle with staying in shape and staying mentally healthy.

Working long hours can put strain on your mental health. Fitness isn’t much different, as you can get stuck at a specific level and want to quit. states, “A healthy, well-balanced diet can help us think clearly and feel more alert. It can also improve concentration and attention span.”

An article from Eva Selhub published on states, “Put simply, what you eat directly affects the structure and function of your brain and, ultimately, your mood.”

It’s pretty clear from these two articles, what you eat has a direct impact on how your mental health. With the right diet, you’ll be able to focus and stay alert. What you eat will impact your energy levels, which will impact how well you run your business and how well you perform your workout.

Maintenance in Business & Fitness

Maintaining your business is much like maintaining your fitness. Neither will allow you to put in the work for a few months and then sit back and relax.

If you take too much time off from your business, you will have to play catch up or watch your business suffer. The same is true with fitness. If you stop exercising and eating right, you’ll likely gain weight and become unhealthy.

Both business and fitness require certain tasks for maintenance. With a business, you will need to replace former customers with new customers, while nurturing current relationships. Those trying to stay in shape will have to do at least the bare minimum amount of exercise to maintain their current level.

Running a business is very similar to fitness. Both require putting in the time, planning, and maintenance.

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