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Marketing AutomationBoth marketing automation and content marketing are vital in today’s business climate. Businesses can actually use automation to help improve their reach through content marketing. It can add to the efficiency and help make content distribution seamless.

Automating your content marketing will provide plenty of benefits. When you decide to boost your content marketing, it’s important to look at marketing automation and how they work together. Here are a few ways marketing automation and content marketing work together.

1. Provide Personalized and Relevant Content to All Buyers

As a business, you attract plenty of potential customers through your marketing efforts. These potential customers are not going to be at the same buying stage. You may have one buyer just starting their research, while another is ready to finalize their buying decision.

It can be challenging to deliver the right content to each buyer, no matter which stage they are at. Your business marketing strategy has to deliver the right content for each stage of the buying process. When you add marketing automation to your content marketing plan, you will be able to nurture all customer personals, no matter where they are in the buying process.

Marketing automation will also help you deliver the right content to your target audience. Some of the smart features you can use include:

  • A/B testing to figure out which message converts the best with a specific group of buyers.
  • Predictive analytics and content using artificial intelligence or machine learning.
  • Retargeting campaigns to ensure potential buyers continue to receive your message even after they’ve left your website.
  • Automatic updates to your CRM in real-time based on the behaviors of your customers online and offline.

When content marketing and marketing automation work together, you gain access to many beneficial tools. Any business looking to build a brand needs the right marketing strategy in place to ensure content reaches the right people at the right time.

2. Engage Consumers Across All Channels

Without market automation, it’s really difficult and time-consuming to get your message across all possible channels. If you’re trying to stay at the front of the mind of consumers on social media, through email marketing, with your blog, and through other marketing campaigns, it becomes overwhelming very fast.

Social media, alone, offers dozens of channels to spread your content. Without the proper marketing automation tools, it’s very tedious to share a new blog post across all social media channels. It becomes even more time-consuming when you realize just sharing your blog content isn’t enough to build an audience on social media.

Adding market automation to your content marketing strategy takes the tedious tasks out of the equation. Instead of logging into Twitter five times a day to post new content, you can automate the process. Specific automation tools will allow you to set up weeks, or even months, of content to automatically post to your social media channels.

Along with social media, marketing automation will help you engage consumers on other channels, such as email, mobile, and through your website.

An auto-response system allows new subscribers to receive a series of emails you’ve already loaded into the backend. Scheduling blog posts to be published on specific dates allows you to spread out content and share it in a more timely fashion.

Marketing automation even allows you to spread your content through mobile devices seamlessly based on their real-time location. With the right tools, you can actually put your message in front of consumers at the ideal moment.

3. Gain Insight into Your Marketing Efforts

When you start content marketing, it can be difficult to figure out where your traffic is coming from and why. Without the right tracking, your long-term marketing strategy will suffer.

Marketing automation allows you the ability to see where you’re getting traffic from, how it’s coming to your website, and how it’s actually converting. You’ll be able to identify the most effective content and channels. With the right insight, you can adjust your content marketing strategy to maximize your ROI. Taking the time to ensure a proof of concept is going to ensure your marketing efforts pay off.

Marketing Automation Makes Delivering Content Easier & More Effective

When you decide a content marketing plan is necessary for your business, adding marketing automation will ease the burden. Content marketing is highly effective, but it’s also a very time-consuming process. Even if you don’t take the tasks on yourself, it takes time to build a team to deploy your content marketing plan.

Content marketing includes all of the following:

  • Researching your target audience, identifying their pain points, and addressing these pain points through content creation.
  • Creating new blog posts, images, infographics, video marketing, social media posts, and other forms of content.
  • Editing and perfecting each type of content before publishing.
  • Sharing content across multiple channels to reach consumers and drive traffic to your website.

Even if you don’t handle the entire process yourself, you need writers, creators, virtual assistants, and others on your team to help with your content marketing efforts.

It’s a very labor-intensive style of marketing, but the payoff is huge. When you add marketing automation to the process, it makes content marketing much easier to handle and less labor-intensive.

When you combine marketing automation and content marketing, your marketing will be taken to a new level. Marketing automation will make spreading content across multiple channels much easier and simplifies the tracking process.

No long will you be guessing when it comes to how many people opened an email you sent out, how many of those people read through the entire article, and how many showed interest in your brand. Marketing automation makes it easier to collect and use this data to create a more effective marketing strategy moving forward.

Content marketing goes hand-in-hand with market automation. It’s like they were created to work together and make your life as a business owner easier.

If you’re planning to use a content marketing strategy, or you already do, make sure you add the right marketing automation to your plan. When you automate specific parts of the process, you save time and gain the ability to spread your message even further and faster.

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