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How to Get Clients for a Service-Based Business: Everything You Need to Know


Service-based businesses give you the flexibility to earn revenue by leveraging your skills. But, securing clients to establish a long-running and successful business can be difficult. Content writing, public relations, website making are some of the most common examples of such business where you need to be extremely careful of what you do in terms of developing and maintaining a clientele.

How to Choose the ‘Right’ Clients?

Choosing the right clients is an important point to remember once you start working with clients. Not everyone that you find would be good enough, which is why you always need to make sensible decisions.


Start with developing and clearing your mindset. Remember, every place you go can be an opportunity to find clients and sell your services. Hence, you need to carry yourself and act accordingly. You don’t need to be too pushy – just be friendly, confident, and aware of how to strike should the opportunity present itself.


The second point is to always be patient. Securing clients is a time-consuming process which you need to carefully cultivate. Don’t compete with others concerning the timescale as it will always be subjective. However, if you know where to look, finding clients is certainly much easier and quicker.

How to Get Clients for Service-Based Business?

Although service-based companies are less conventional, you have several advantages such as low-cost start-up, fulfilment, and lots of flexibility that makes it one of the hottest businesses at the moment.


There is also a lot of competition, which is why sitting back and hoping for clients to magically come to you surely isn’t an option. Read on as we discuss the full-proof way to make your business a client magnet.

Start from your workplace

With several start-ups around, you might already be surrounded by professionals who are contractors or have useful connections and experience. They can serve as the inspiration to help get yourself out there. So, always try to be in contact with them, and also let your family and friends know that you’re looking for more clients.


You also need to network with other businesses and make a lasting impression that makes them take notice of you. Connect with people who could benefit from what you have to offer, and always be confident in your approach. Let others know your goals and how you plan on achieving them. Remember, networking is the stepping stone of a successful service-based business.

Research the ‘ideal‘ client for yourself

The fact that you’ve already launched a business means that you already have an idea about the people you’d like to do business with. However, if that isn’t the case, you can always do a quick Google search to get a better understanding of your clientele.


Be extremely thorough when pulling information and introducing you and your company to the outside world. Show your clients how they can benefit from investing in your services. You need to win their confidence as if you will be approaching them and not the other way round. Your main motive should be to make them realize that spending money on you is worth it.

Take help of social media

You might have already heard about joining Facebook or LinkedIn groups for networking, and it really is a piece of great advice.


LinkedIn is a social network that has been designed for professionals to connect with each other by entering into a mutually beneficial relationship. At the same, it doesn’t mean that you need to restrict yourself to it solely. You can also use Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook to find clients. Market and advertise your services to catch the attention of potential clients.


Speaking of advertisement…

Nail the art of advertising for clients

Small businesses still opt for traditional means of advertising, but in this technologically-advanced world, going digital and knowing the wonders of SEO is equally important.


Start with creating a website that has been optimized for computers, tablets, and smartphones. Make sure that your address and contact information along with a proper explanation of the services that you offer is clearly visible.


Another tip would be to establish the complete and accurate listing of your service business’ presence in local directories and of course, on the internet.

Participate in business and social organizations

Many marketing and business gurus will advise you to join and participate in as many business and social organizations as you can. Not only will you be able to pick more business, but once you get yourself established you can even score referrals.


Still, you need to keep in mind that it’s not about the number of organizations that you belong to, but what you do within the organizations that make you stand out.


You can also offer something for free in exchange for referrals – just don’t let yourself out too thin. Always set realistic goals and prioritize your company’s needs.

Getting the delivery right

If you want to make your service-based business distinctive, you need to work on delivering your solution in a more valuable manner. If you’re successful in showing your customers that your incentive is one of a kind, it’ll instantly make them take notice.


For this purpose, you need to pick the value that your objective market requires and then incorporate it into your offer. Here, you need to make your proposition sound more progressive than your rivals. Market positioning is also another essential that you need to consider along with your product, value, place, and advertisement to make a lasting impression.

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