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Service Business SEO for service-area businesses (SABs) has always been problematic and challenging. To provide you a better idea of why, we have a bit of history as to why and what can be done about it.

History of Google My Business and SABs

Google My Business (GMB) has always been a thorn in any company’s side when it comes to getting your business getting listed on Google Maps. Up until this point, service-area businesses (SAB) have been extremely awkward for Google and Google Maps historically because these local businesses rarely don’t have a physical location. Or if they do, they aren’t comfortable with sharing their home address. But Google has introduced a new sign-up flow that is more intuitive and easier for SABs.

They recently adjusted how SAB companies identified service areas in Google My Business (GMB). In November of 2018, Google eradicated address and radius-based service areas and substituted them with the ability to label specific cities or postal codes. We have made the necessary changes for TCH Digital Media and Marketing to set an example.

Map Rankings

What about rankings that you currently have? Currently, GMB accounts can similarly make adjustments to their profiles in the GMB dashboard, where service areas and storefront locations can now be modified separately. Not a single listing should be influenced by way of position movement.

A frequent recommendation for SAB ranking has been to create local landing pages for each city, neighborhood or designated service area. Other recommendations consist of:

  • Claiming profiles in relevant directories (e.g., EZ Local) that tend to outrank local business sites
  • Collect reviews always
  • Use schema correctly and broadly
  • Build local backlinks
  • Create Local Services Marketing Ads

Why you should care and why it matters. With these updates, Google continues to address some of the long-standing challenges and issues that surround the representation of SABs in search results. This is another monumental improvement to better assist these businesses and build online information, which represent a significant chunk of the 28 million small businesses in the United State of America.

How can you fix it?

Making simple updates in your GMB dashboard is a great way to start. If you have your service business SEO plan ready to go and SABs business already listed, you can make those adjustments without the work of your rankings being affects. If your business isn’t currently listed, now would be a great time to get your GMB listing on google maps.

As long as you have a gmail account, you can add it within days. The process can be technical for some so if you would like some coaching or help, we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

Local SEO for Service-Area Businesses

Each business has its own unique challenges to overcome, usually having a website built first, then getting content and media produced for it and then lastly driving traffic to it. Our SEO niche is focusing on businesses that are service-area based.

Traveling to each destination for your clients is part of your business and often requires more than just showing up. While in person, you put your best foot forward, showing off your customer service skills all while maintaining a level of professionalism that will cause them to beg you to do work for their friends.

We are all confident in ourselves while running a service business because after all, we believe we can deliver a stellar service at an affordable price while exceeding the expectations of our customers. Should we do the same when it comes to being found online and letting your website shine both in your google rankings and the website itself?

Whether we build your website or help get it ranked, we understand the needs of service-area businesses. Our expertise in the service industry has a proven track record of increasing leads, being more readily available and sharing our knowledge with our clients so they can grow as well.

SEO Services We Provide for Service Area Companies

Fully Managed Search Engine Optimization Services

Don’t have the time to do it? We can be your one top shop for everything from keyword research, content writing, building backings, weekly blogging and driving more traffic to increase sales.

Automatic Blogging Services

Just need some content consistency? We can automate that for you, as often as you’d like. Leave the creativity up to us and watch the traffic grow on your site. One of the most top picked of our services next to the previously mentioned service.

High Quality Content Outreach Links

Tired of seeing your competition getting links on different website with high domain authority or with lots of traffic? Drive up the competition with our outreach program. Leave the hard work up to us to get your name out there and more eyes on your website for your service business SEO .

Reputation Management

Angry customers can be a problem, they can also show that you provide solutions. How would you like to have the opportunity to negate any potential bad review before it’s posted publicly? With our program, you can now do that, making sure your reviews stay as classy as your brand.

Foundational Linking Strategies

Just like any structure, a website needs a firm foundation to build your backlinks on. Authority websites with great content equals great traffic and potential leads. Don’t underestimate the power of starting off on the right footings.

High Powered Links For Faster Ranking

Looking for a way to pack a punch? We got this! We can do URLs that carry weight without the content surrounding them if you just need that extra boost.

PR Writing & Distribution

Announcements can be hard, finding website to tell can be even harder. Getting your name on national news outlets can be hard but once you do, you can now stay you’ve been seen on NBC or ABC. Instant credibility is hard to come by, and fortunately, we can help you build that credibility incredibly quick.

Link Boosting

Ever see the movie, Forrest Gump? You know the part where he is running and people start running behind him, we can do that with links. Your content or guest posts are Forrest and these links are like the people who follow him, which makes others want to follow you too!

Service On-Page SEO

Now that you content is all written, you may be wondering why you still haven’t moved in the ranks, and it very well could be that your on-page Service Business SEO is a mess and could be cleaned up. Typically only needed to be done once, this is something you certainly don’t want to overlook once you start getting into your SEO campaign.

If you are serious about getting your business growing and helping your potential customers find you, contact us today for more information. If you’d like to do a bit more research before deciding on hiring us to do your work, feel free to check out our blog as well.

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