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Whether it be DA10 DA20 DA30 DA40 or DA50 Blogger Outreach, we can tackle it all. DA stands for Domain Authority, and we’ll get into what that is here shortly. Each piece of the SEO puzzle has a place and a certain way of fitting together. Getting backlinks from certain DA sites can be extremely time consuming and overly exhaustive. And, not to mention the resources it takes to create the content that surrounds the backlinks.

Our sophisticated blogger outreach program is a process we have refined in terms of link power and quality. Our team writes pragmatic and high quality, professional content that contains niche related information about your brand. It also caters to the brand of the website with links back to your website, which creates even higher level of quality. Our talented outreach team manually negotiates with actual bloggers and webmasters in your niche to have the content published on their high authority blogs, which then passes juice and authority to your website.

DA10 DA20 DA30 DA40 DA50 Blogger OutreachSEO Blogging Quality Metrics

There are numerous quality metrics integrated and scrutinizes every single website our team reaches out to. This maintains the highest quality of links possible with longevity in mind. Curious as to what some of those metrics are?Here are a few of them:

High Domain Authority – DA50 Blogger Outreach – Does It Matter?

  • A website’s Domain Authority, which is also known as website authority or site authority, is a measuring metric used by SEO individuals or companies to estimate how solid a website is as a whole in terms of rankability. Domain Authority scales from 1 to 100. The higher score signifies the higher likelihood that the website will rank for particular given keywords. Most sites are ranked in the form of DA10+ or DA30+.

Niche or Near Niche Relevancy

  • Niche related backlinks for SEO IS targeted advertising regardless of DA10 DA20 DA30 DA40 DA50 Blogger Outreach. They will be relevant to your specific focus area whether it be for Service based SEO or building brand awareness, they typically reach your target audience by not wasting your time and money on non-converting traffic. They boost a website’s authority, make sense for SEO practices and Google or other search engines will reward you for having links in places that make the most sense for the topic of your website.

Sites Current Ranking

  • DA10-DA50 websites can be anywhere. Each industry will typically have a few websites that everyone is familiar with in their industry but there are also a lot of other that are ranking for other terms, driving traffic but don’t focus on industry related terms. These sites most often have done extensive more research and link building than bigger brands in their niche. We chance these lesser known sites because why, they yield results as well. It doesn’t take a link from a well-know brand to rank well.

Low out-bound links per post

  • A website that articulates the number of words and the amount of links they include, is also a factor. A simple way to spot this is to look at how many links they have on any give post, in ratio to the amount of text they have. A good rule of thumb to measure by is to roughly have 3-5 links per page per 500 words. This should include both internal and external linking. Search engines also pick up on outbound linking practices as well so if it’s 100% outbound, that should be a potential red flag. You want to make sure they link to their site as well as other external sites.

Minimum 1000 words per posts

Don’t go cheap and your rankings won’t drop. All too often we see churn and burn SEO practices like:

  • Duplicate Content – using the same text and links over and over and over…
  • Keyword Stuffing – easy to spot when it looks like terms and not content.
  • Forums and spamming links – can show great results until you get caught (usually within days/weeks)
  • Cloaking / Invisible Text – trying to hide something on purpose worked in the 90’s, but google did homework and this is a bad form of SEO
  • Too many ads above the fold – if it looks addy, acts addy and creeps you out because it’s more about selling to you then having useful content, it’s a bad idea.

We focus on sites that are useful to the consumer as well as the customer. We build a lot of good useful content around the links and present it in a way that makes the site owner happy and proud of their content. We build these relationships and the last we want to do is damage our hard work and ruin your reputation. Reputation management is another huge area for growth but we won’t go into that.

Internal Link Building

  • Lastly as mentioned before, we look for the internal link structure of the site. Do they also link to their own content because they know it’s useful? If so, chances are down the road, they will internally link to the article we wrote for them with your link, which will then get more eyes on that page. More eyes = more potential traffic to your site. The experience on the potential website is just as important as your link on that site because we want a good wholesome experience for you and your potential customers. We take time to do it right, the first time around.


Link building can take time and effort, which some of us don’t have. Fortunately, we have created a system that allows us to do our job, so you can do yours. Growing a business takes time, resources, money and passion. We know our passion and want to help you grow yours. The more growth you have, the more time you can focus on doing what you love. If you are interested in learning more about these services that cost associated with it, you can click the blogger outreach link in the first line of this post.

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